To Love and to Be Free

What will save the world? Our love. The only way to love is to come home to ourselves.

What are we still holding onto? What are we holding onto so tightly that we can’t let go of? Hatred? Greed? Disrespect? Anguish? Hurt? Trauma? Vice? Fury? Rage? Control? Unknowing? Grief? What are we holding on to that is blocking us from our own innate wisdom? The drama of life?.. We can learn how to find our innate wisdom in this moment. We all know it is there; deep down, we know; our home is there / here. Our innate wisdom is t/here for the finding, for the taking, for the relishing, for the living in and with and at and to and from; for being t/here… Why are we holding on to so tightly, that we can’t let go of all our anguish and grief and sadness and trauma and hope and fear? That we would rather stay there suffering, than live well, for, with and by one another, happy, fearless and free? What are we holding on to that we wouldn't rather find our home, our innate joy, our innate friendliness to ourselves and to one another; our innate sanity? What are we holding onto that we would rather not live in our natural wisdom, our natural place to be free? At some point, you know; no one can keep it from you; no one can take it; no one can fool you anymore; and it’s a choice. Find this; and live.