Black Panther

“It is unapologetically black and vitally relevant.” (Detroit Free Press, Rochelle Riley, 2/19/18)

You may find this Black Panther Viewing Guide useful from movement builders creating beloved communities. It covers: 1) Governance, 2) Natural Resources, Economics, & Finance, 3) Gender, 4) Sexuality, 5) Culture (inc. spirituality), 6) Education, 7) Technology, 8) Imperialism/Globalization/Colonialism, and 9) Law Enforcement/Security.

Beyond being absent/invisible, token, comic relief, assimilated, negative stereotypes, or overcoming adversity, how many mainstream images of black people are there that are not from this list?

May we get deeper in the images we portray and our experiences of each other. It has been REALLY too long... 

May we be kind, fearless and joyful.