Movement Tapestries and Sheryl Petty, Ed.D.

Movement Tapestries and my work supports the efforts of practitioners and community members to heal ourselves and our social systems, unleash our joy and creativity, and improve our collective life. I’ve worked in systems change, education, network weaving, and organizational development for nearly 25 years, supporting individuals, nonprofits, school districts, universities and foundations. For over 20 years, I’ve also been a priest in an indigenous African-based tradition (from the Yoruba people), have practiced and am ordained in yogic (non-monastic), Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, and also practice Bön Buddhist Dzogchen. I'm also a yoga asana practitioner.

Movement Tapestries focuses nationally and internationally on Equity, Systems Change & Personal Transformation. I work independently and as a Senior Consultant with Change Elemental (formerly Management Assistance Group, MAG; Washington, D.C.) and an associate consultant with Movement Strategy Center (Oakland, CA). I was a Principal Associate at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, a fellow at Stanford University's Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, and am currently a Fellow with the Mind & Life Institute and was Adjunct Faculty at Teachers College, Columbia University. I have been a high school teacher, a program manager and executive director in addition to consulting. My work includes equity-driven visioning, change process design and facilitation, cross-sector field-building, strategy development and strategic planning, alliance building and network development, equity assessments, qualitative research, spiritual and life coaching. I support people and organizations to have catalyzing, groundbreaking conversations; develop new visions that integrate efforts across a field; plan the next steps and strategies to move on that new, transformative vision; and do the “inner work” to make the vision and next steps deep and sustainable. I am based in New York and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years.